A-tex Foam Design is a direct manufacturer of quality foam-based and lightweight architectural elements that can beautify and potentially increase the value of any building—whether old or brand new, residential or commercial—to enhance your living or work space.

Foam Moulding




A-tex offers the best products to beautify your construction, providing an effective way to insulate and save energy.

  • Foam 1/2" - 5" 
  • Screws
  • Plastic Grip
  • Fiber Glass Mesh
  • ​Adhesive Base Coat
  • Foam Guns
  • EIFS Tools
  • Stone
  • Starting a new project? Remodeling your home? Need an estimate? Not to worry!  Here at A-tex estimates are free of charge. You can come by and speak with one of our sales representatives for friendly service. Estimates are also available over the phone and via email; saving you both time and money! 
  • Our warehouse delivering system here at A-tex provides efficient services, willing to transport building materials, natural stone, veneer and custom made trims to your residence or project. Location is not a problem! 

  • A-tex offers a one of a kind experience with our color matching services. Simply by bringing in a paint sample of the color of your choice, we will promptly customize our stucco finish to fulfill your needs.

  • We also offer an organized record of all previous transactions in order to ensure that your upcoming purchases are made with precision and accuracy. This comes in handy when trying to match colors and trim to your ongoing project.